Rolling Bale Farm

What's happening right now?


Processing chickens

The season continues. We haven't missed a single week this summer to crank out 40 fresh birds. Processing will extend into November. We hope to be done by Thanksgiving - so if you want to grab a few to part out for your freezer, there is time! 

We also have a good stock of frozen chicken heading into winter. Order when you have space, but we should be good, inventory wise, for a while.

How we usually use 1 of our chickens:

Day 1: Roasted - simple thrown in the oven drizzled in oil or rubbed with butter, salt and pepper. Just eaten. 

Day 2 : remaining meat picked off to be used for snacks/sandwiches. Carcass is used to make stock.

Day 3: Any renaming meat from day 2 and final pickings from the stock pot is used in chicken pot pie. Stock is also used here.

Day 4: Remaining stock is either chucked in the freezer, or used throughout the week for the use in random recipes. Or heated with salt in a mug for a snack. YUM


Fall Grazing

With the hot weather behind us, our grazing season has turned into bliss. The grass has continued to grow back well with our warmer fall. The flies and biting bugs have died off. The animals lounge for hours in cool breezes without a single twitch of their tails, or toss of their heads. 

We look forward to this season for most of summer and are so pleased to be out of summer's humidity. 


Harvest time

Once fall hits, its time for our lambs to go to slaughter. We truck 20 lambs north to Ferrisburgh, VT every couple of weeks until they are all processed. This is the time we fill our custom cut lamb orders and replace our freezer inventory for the next year. 

Its a busy time with cut sheets, orders, deliveries, sheep sorting, pelt salting (drying the hides before they go to the tannery) and lots and lots of emails. Although its a flurry of activity we always feel gratified by seeing the lambs fill our freezers and pay our bills. 


Tio Farm

Since we have been farming, we have hayed and grazed bits and pieces of Tio Farm, formerly owned by Ken Vanhazinga. Ken, who was both a friend and mentor passed away in 2020. It is now owned by Ken's sister, Ginny, who is leasing it to Ben and his cousin. Ben and Alyth are busy fixing equipment, cleaning out barns, making hay and planning the future of this farm.