Rolling Bale Farm

Shoreham, VT

What's happening right now?

We are building a barn!

Finally we are putting in the infrastructure that will give us a boost. We got a grant that is helping us to capture all of our manure under cover (no run off, yay!) and help with animal management. We can't wait to have big piles of stacked manure all over the place to feed our fields. 

Working with our dogs-

We have acquired 4 dogs in the past several months. 3 of them are livestock guardian dogs, meant to protect our lambs from coyotes (we should also say here that they live outside with the sheep, not in our house). The fourth one is a border collie puppy, to replace our other collie who has sadly died. Our livestock chores have slowed this fall and been replaced with puppy play time. Most days its super fun. Some days, we swear, they are worse then our 2 young boys.  

Updated February 4th, 2021