Beef Products:

We have very little beef in stock! Pre-order boxes for next round of beef ready beginning of summer. 


Order one or more of the following boxes for a $10 savings per box. 


1. Grilling Box: $130 

  • 6lbs of ground beef (1lb packages)

  • 5lbs various steaks

  • 3lbs kabob meat (1lb packages)

2. Oven Box: $130 

  • 8-9lbs of roasts

  • 3lbs of stew meat (1lb packages)

  • 3-4lbs brisket 

  • 8lbs soup shank


3. Large Box: $215

  • 10lbs ground beef

  • 6lbs stew meat

  • 6-7lbs roasts

  • 3-4lbs steaks


4. Ground Beef Box: $65

  • 10lbs of ground beef (1lb pkgs)



We sell beef by the half or whole animal at $4.50/lb hanging weight.

 A  side of beef would hang around 275lbs and cost about $1200.00 or a whole animal hanging at 550lbs would cost about $2475.00. The beef is cut to your specifications and comes vacuum packed, boxed and frozen. 

A side  of beef will yield about 185lbs of meat . A whole side roughly 360lbs of meat.  












What our cattle eat:

Our beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished


      The herd is sustained purely on grass and hay diet.  We move them to fresh grass 2-7 times per week depending on the pasture size, quality and time of year. During the winter the cattle eat both first and second cut dry hay. Our cows are crucial in the pasture rotation system as they are great fertilizers and help interrupt the parasite cycle for the sheep.



We do not use any hormones in the production of our beef. We also do not use any antibiotics in the cattle who are raised as slaughter animals. We will use antibiotics in our breeding stock (mothers) in case of an emergency. 


The breed of our cattle:

Red Poll  


      We have done our research and have chosen a breed of cattle called Red Poll. Although once a well known breed, they are now an uncommon breed in the United States. We are helping them re-establish by bringing a small registered herd to Vermont, currently the only registered Red Poll herd in the state. They are known for their tender beef, gentle temperament, and amazing maternal skills, all qualities which have been a real asset to our beef program. Also, since they are naturally polled (born without horns) they are much safer for us to work around. We love our Red Polls! We plan to offer breeding stock in the coming years. 


      For more general information about Red Polls visit these sites:


Porterhouse  $14/lb

T-Bone            $13/lb

Sirloin             $12/lb

Ribeye             $12/lb

Tenderloin     $16/lb

Skirts               $9/lb

Flank                $9/lb

Hanger             $9/lb


Top Round                  $7/lb

Bottom Round          $7/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast      $7/lb

Shoulder Pot Roast $7/lb

Chuck Roast              $7/lb


Short ribs        $10/lb

Brisket             $8/lb

Tri-Tip               $8/lb

Flap meat        $7/lb

Shank steaks  $3/lb

Beef bones      $3/lb

Ox tail               $7/lb

Ground             $7/lb

Stew                  $7/lb

Kabobs             $7/lb

Updated March 24th, 2021