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      All the skins from our slaughter lambs are salted, dried and sent to Buck's Country Fur in Pennsylvania to get tanned. Because we have a mixed flock of sheep we get big, fluffy, naturally multicolored pelts. 



The pelts range in cost from $200-$300 dependent upon size and wool length. 

All pelts are washable and come with laundering instructions. Pelts require no regular maintenance. In fact we never wash ours, instead we just shake them out when needed. The tannery will also recondition an old or ratty pelt at an affordable price. There have been excellent reviews from our customers who have chosen to recondition. "It's like new!"

We can give more information about re-condition, just send us a message.

 Uses for sheepskins:

  • Rugs

  • Bed throws

  • Couch throws

  • Chair coverings

  • Car seat covering

  • Pet beds

  • Piano bench cushions

  • Motorcycle seat coverings

  • Baby pads

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