Rolling Bale Farm, LLC

Established 2014

Located in Shoreham, Vermont, Rolling Bale Farm sits on 100 acres nestled between a quiet dirt road and the winding Lemon Fair. Shoreham's highest peak, known as the Pinnacle, towers over the farm providing it with a lovely little shelf of loam soil. We aren't that lucky however; most of our farm is  Addison County clay.  All animals are raised on pasture and are part of a rotational grazing system to keep both the land and the  animals nurtured. 

We established Rolling Bale Farm in 2014 and have grown every year since. In addition to the home farm, we graze and hay 300 acres scattered around north east Shoreham. Some of the land is Ben's families' farm land, and other land is leased from neighboring farmers and landowners. 

So, if you come for a tour, we'll be piling into the car!

Ben, Hilary, William and Emitt Haigh




Updated June 24th, 2020