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Rolling Bale Farm, LLC

Established 2014

Located in Shoreham, Vermont, Rolling Bale is a certified organic farm that sits on 100 acres nestled between a quiet dirt road and the winding Lemon Fair. 

We established Rolling Bale Farm in 2014 and have grown every year since. In addition to the home farm, we graze and hay 300 acres scattered around north east Shoreham. Some of the land is our families' farm land, and other land is leased from neighboring farmers and landowners. 

All animals are raised on pasture and are part of a rotational grazing system to keep both the land and the animals nurtured. We have focused closely on meat quality from our grassfed animals and found that our breed selections in combination with pasture management have allowed us to produce tender, marbled and flavorful meat. 

We started out selling our products at Farmer's Market, but have moved away from this as our customer base has grown. We love to sell bulk meats, for the efficiency of moving a lot of product at once but it also allows us to give our customers a discount. We can't expect everyone to have space for an extra freezer though, so we still piece rate all of our products. 

Most of our meats are purchased through a phone call or email to reserve or pick up an order, but our lamb can also be found in some stores. We encourage you to send us a message with any questions or to check up on what's fresh and what's going on- Cheers!


Ben, Hilary, William and Emitt Haigh

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