The diet of our lamb:

Our lambs are 100% grass-fed and finished 


     During the grazing season our Dorset cross flock is moved to fresh pasture every 1-3 days depending on pasture quality and time of year. Our intense rotations prevents overgrazing, keeping internal parasites in check. We have not had to use dewormers since 2015, a testament to our flock resilience and pasture management.

Lamb Products:


$7.50/Lb hanging weight, whole lamb only

      Our bulk buy and save option. At an average hanging weight of 48lbs, a lamb costs $360.00 and comes to you vacuum packed, boxed and frozen.  Custom cut lamb is processed late fall. Reserve a lamb as soon as possible as we have sold out of lamb every year. 

INDIVIDUAL CUTS: Red = sold out











 Hot Italian linked $11/lb

Sweet Italian linked $11/lb

5 or more pounds = $10/lb

Loin chops                            $14/lb

Rib chops                              $13/lb

Shoulder chops                   $12/lb

(round bone and blade)

Rib rack                                 $13/lb

Whole leg bone in              $10/lb

Whole leg boneless           $11/lb


Half leg bone in                 $10/lb

Shoulder roast boneless $10/lb

Shanks                                  $10/lb

Ground                                  $11/lb

Stew                                       $11/lb

Kabobs                                   $11/lb

Neck slices                           $4/lb

Updated July 22nd, 2020