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Certified organic
Processed on Farm

     Fresh Chicken available from the farm every Friday through Monday. We do not ship chicken. 

What our chickens eat:

Pasture and certified organic grain

      Our birds are moved daily to fresh pasture where they choose to supplement their organic grain diet with clovers, bugs and grasses. Yes, the chicken literally graze. They swallow down whole blades of grass and look forward to their fresh patch every day. They leave behind a nice covering of chicken manure that turns our fields to a rich healthy green. Pasture raised chicken are very valuable, not just in what they offer to our diet, but what they give back to our fields.

Chicken deals!



Our chicken is $5.75/lb.

At an average of 4.5lbs one bird costs $25.87.

Our weights run from 3.5lbs to 5.5lbs.


Buy 8 or more chickens at one time and receive 10% off the total. This is great for customers with an extra freezer. Enjoy the convenience of pulling out a bird whenever. 


This is a great option for customers who do not have freezer space, or would like to include weekly fresh chicken in their discount (Fresh chicken offered May through October). You pay for 8 or more birds up front (at the weight average that you like), receive 10% off the order total, and can take one chicken at a time all year long. 

contact us with any questions or to place an order.


The breed of our chicken:

Freedom Rangers

  Appropriately named, this breed of meat bird enjoys ranging on pasture. They are kept in a brooder until they are 3 weeks old and have started to grow their feathers. Then they are ready for pasture where they will spend the remainder of their life. Because they have been bred to range on pasture, this breed grows out a little slower then the traditional white Cornish Cross chicken. Freedom Rangers take 8 to 12 weeks to reach an average dressed weight of 4.5lbs. 

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