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No Duck until 2020

We have an infant, something's gotta give...

The duck's diet:

Pasture and GMO free grain

      Our ducks supplement their GMO free grain diet with lots of grubs, roots, grass, insects and weeds. Its so entertaining to watch the ducks drill their bills down into the soil to gobble up some delicious, unseen morsel. They are full of character!



      Known as the more traditional meat duck, this breed is superior for roasting. Although roasting a duck is a bit more involved then a chicken, the flavor is phenomenal. We get rave reviews from our customers about the flavor of our Pekin ducks.


Where to buy our duck:

Middlebury Farmers Market

      Duck will be available in summer 2019 until we sell out in the fall (usually in November). We are always striving to grow our duck operation to meet the demand, but the learning curve with processing them is a steep one. If you know you would like duck, let us know and we can reserve some for you. Otherwise they are available occasionally at the Middlebury Farmers Market, and we offer fresh duck every 4-5 weeks throughout the market season. 

Duck Deals!

Deals apply to any combination of poultry, so you could buy 7 chickens and 1 duck and still receive a discount 


Our GMO free duck is $7.25/lb.

At an average of 4.5lbs one bird costs roughly $32.00.

Our weights run from 3.5lbs to 5.5lbs.


Buy 8 or more ducks at one time (we love when customers stock up!) and receive 10% off the total. This is great for customers with an extra freezer. Enjoy the convenience of pulling out a bird whenever. 


This is a great option for customers who do not have freezer space, or would like to include the occasional fresh duck in their discount (Fresh duck offered June through October every 4-5 weeks or so). You pay for 8 or more birds up front (at the weight average that you like), receive 10% off the order total, and can take one duck at a time all year long. 

Contact us with any questions or to place an order. 

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